Great green gadgets: 8 Innovations to stamp down your carbon footprint

Vapur collapsible water bottle
1. Vapur Anti-Bottle £9.99,
The Vapur Anti-Bottle is a reusable bottle with a difference. Made of tough BPA-free plastic, it stands up when full and rolls up when empty to fit neatly into your pocket or bag. It’s suitable for freezing and fizzy drinks and is dishwasher safe too.

Clever Baggers bag
2. Clever Baggers Cotton Shopper from £2.00,
Clever Baggers offer a dazzling range of reusable bags made in the U.K. using ethically traded cotton. Using a reusable bag every time you go shopping can save a whopping 23kg CO2 a year, and with designs like these, you can be fashionable as well as sustainable.

Thames water water savers
3. Thames Water water savers Free,
If Thames Water is your supplier you can get a load of water saving goodies for your home absolutely FREE. Great products available include eco shower heads, tap inserts and special bags to reduce the volume of your toilet cistern.

Ecozone laundry balls
4. Ecozone Ecoballs 1000 £29.99 for 1000 washes,
No, that’s not a typo – these amazing laundry aids totally replace your detergent and last for 1000 washes! They’re filled with hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly pellets that work at temperatures as low as 15 degrees to remove grime from any and all fabrics, all for just 3p a wash.

Keep cup drinks cups
5. KeepCup from £7.80,
Take this amazing little cup next time you grab a coffee, and not only will you save a waxed paper cup from going to landfill, you’ll make your barista happy. These cups are ‘barista standard’ – they come in exactly the same sizes as their paper cousins, so your drink can still be made exactly the way you like it. They’re dishwasher proof and made from BPA-free plastic.

Sky planter plant pot
6. The Sky Planter from £14.95,
Plants are essential to the wellbeing of the planet, and they can be effectively used to purify the air in your indoor spaces too. The Sky Planter’s unique design allows you to suspend houseplants from your ceiling, creating a beautiful visual effect – it’s also great for rooms where space is at a premium.

FreeLoader solar charger
7. FreeLoader solar charger, from £39.99,
The Freeloader is an all purpose solar powered device charger. Whether you’re looking to juice up a smartphone, a Kindle or an iPad, its nine adapters give you access to free, renewable power at home or on the move. A full charge takes around eight hours and will fully charge a phone or power an iPad for two hours.

HyG Ionic toothbrush
8. HyG Ionic toothbrush £11.22,
This ingenious toothbrush uses a long life lithium battery to generate an ionic charge that lifts plaque from your teeth, totally removing the need for toothpaste. It may sound unlikely, but it has been clinically proven to be 48% more effective at plaque removal than brushing with an ordinary brush.

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