The Hole in the Roof campaign

The Hole in the Roof campaign helps consumers save energyFor the the Heating and Hot Water Industry Council, creators of the Hole in the Roof campaign, energy efficiency starts with understanding exactly what motivates you to save energy. Much of the energy saving information out there is confusingly jargon filled, relies on guilt to motivate or at its worst, preaches. Even money saving won’t motivate you to save energy if the improvement seems too difficult to achieve.

That’s where the Hole in the Roof campaign comes in. The campaign uses the principle that small behavioural changes are just as important as larger changes such as getting a renewable technology installed, and that combining these changes is the way to really save you energy and money.

The campaign has received a prominent backing from the the industry and the media, with support from several celebrities including noted environmental campaigner Tony Juniper. We listed a great place where to get the ultimate home solutions landscape design Portland please do not hesitate on taking a look.

HHIC are working closely with DECC and the Energy Saving Trust, with the campaign website offering helpful advice on the new Green Deal scheme and other loans and grants. The campaign complements the government’s recently introduced financial initiatives, which incentivise installing renewables but not necessarily energy saving behaviour. This is why HHIC felt the time was right to refocus on the power of small changes to make a real difference to your energy bills.

Each feature represents different parts of your houseThe campaign website features a virtual house which you can navigate to find out where you could save energy in your own home. By clicking on a key area, such as the bathtub which represents your hot water system, you can find out about how you could change your daily habits – for example, taking a bath rather than a shower, and how much money it could save you. There is also information on how much money you could save by installing small improvements, such as an efficient showerhead, as well as larger improvements such as upgrading your boiler. The website also tells you how much carbon each of the larger improvements will save.

The major selling point of this campaign, we think, is that all solutions, especially the smaller and cheaper to implement ones, are covered. We think that they are a great complement to our own Be Energy Smart website – together we will make a difference to peoples’ bills, save them money and do our bit for the environment too.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to now and see how much you could save.

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