Thermodynamic Products Registration Suspended

MCS LogoThe MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme), administered by Gemserv, has announced that they will be suspending the registration of Thermodynamic products. So, what does this mean?

Thermodynamic systems are a specific type of solar thermal system. They use a type of solar panel that usually uses a refrigerant, among other system differences that are not covered under the classification used by the MCS scheme. This means that the MCS cannot determine the performance of these installations and therefore they have decided that they cannot make payments through the Renewable Heat Incentive and Renewable Heat Premium Payment for this technology.

What are Thermodynamic systems?Thermodynamic Solar Panel
Basically they are a cross between a heap pump and a solar panel. The panels are filled with a compressor fluid rather than water, but otherwise the panels themselves are quite similar to standard solar thermal panels. Thermodynamic panels extract their basic heat from the sun’s energy or from the air and then they pump this heat through a compressor and heat exchanger using the same principles as a heat pump. The compressor increases the fluid temperature and then the heat is transferred from this fluid to the water in your hot water system.

What to do next?
Thermodynamic panels only make up a small subset of the solar thermal and heat pump options that are available to you, and there are still lots of other options available to your home that will reduce your heating bill and carbon emissions. The right solution will simply depend on the fabric and heating in your home. Why not take our assessment and in 3 minutes you will find great ideas to save energy and money.?

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