Energy saving funding – what’s available now: December

What funding is there available for energy saving? December welcomes the onset of the first frosts, and with it some changes to the funding available for energy saving home improvements like insulation and solar PV. So what should you be applying for and when? Read on…


What to apply for NOW: CERT

What is the CERT?
The CERT (or Carbon Emissions Reduction Target) is an obligation for energy companies to reduce their customers’ carbon emissions. In practice this means that many are funding loft and cavity wall insulation installations for houses with standard lofts or cavity walls.

How do I apply for the CERT?
You can apply through the energy companies – it doesn’t matter if you are a customer of the company you’re applying to.

Who can apply for the CERT?
Any U.K. homeowner or a tenant if you get your landlord’s permission.

When’s the deadline for the CERT?
Some schemes have passed, some end on the 31st December and some say that they are ongoing, though you should act now to make sure you don’t miss out. The Energy Company Obligation is the new scheme coming in in January 2013 but won’t fully replace CERT – only those on certain benefits will be able to get the funding – so act now!
Another scheme funded by energy suppliers, the CESP (Community Energy Saving Programme) is also due to end on the 31st December. It funds energy saving measures for the most deprived U.K. communities, and will also be replaced by the ECO in January.

What other energy saving funding is available now?

Warm Front
This government scheme funds energy saving home improvements for households on certain benefits. More information is available here.

Feed-In Tariff (FITs)
The Feed-In Tariff is a government scheme that pays you for generating electricity using a renewable technology such as solar PV panels. See if your home is suitable for FITs.

Renewable Heat Premium Payments (RHPP)
The RHPP is a grant scheme from the government that gives you a one off payment for installing a low carbon heat generating technology such as a solar thermal or biomass heating system. See if your home is suitable for RHPPs.

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