Handling incoming leads effectively

The most precious asset that any business has is genuine income enquiries, which are now mainly generated online. They are not like normal business assets as they have a very short shelf life and need to be handled right away, in the right way.

Internet LeadsAre you handling your business enquiries effectively?

There are numerous studies carried out by many reputed lead generation b2b companies that show how quickly the chance of turning an incoming enquiry into a qualified leads declines over time. The Harvard Business Review recently reported a study using real data showing that businesses that respond to leads in less than one hour are 7 times more likely to convert the enquiry than those that respond outside the “golden hour”. By the time you get beyond 24 hours you are 21 times less likely to convert than the business that responds within the hour.

Other studies are even more damning for slow responders – one by the prestigious MIT in the USA suggests that responses outside the 1st hour are 10 times less likely to convert.

Use our Lead Response Calculator to see how improved lead management can boost your bottom line:

Experiment with the different response times to see how much a difference in your responsiveness affects your profits. It is a guide to give you some indication of what you could achieve, so clearly we can’t give you any guarantees – but we think that you will find it really useful.

When you’re done experimenting, register with us to receive leads and start to win the business that your competition used to win: Register as an Installer

For further reading please see:
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