How to get a free Green Deal pre-assessment

This Monday (28th January) heralded the launch of the much-anticipated Green Deal, a new government scheme aimed at helping both homeowners and renters pay for energy saving home improvements at no upfront cost. More information on the Green Deal can be found here.

Free Green Deal AssessmentOne of the biggest things that might stop many people from signing up to the Green Deal is the cost of the assessment required. This assessment must be done before a Green Deal can be offered on any home, as well as the home having an in date EPC. Green Deal Providers and freelance assessors alike are charging around £100 to visit your home and produce the assessment, and it tells you which energy saving improvements the Green Deal could fund in your property. This seems like a big charge, especially if you’re unsure that there are any improvements in your home that could be covered by the Green Deal.

And if you can afford to fund the improvement yourself instead, your savings will be even greater as you save yourself the 7% loan interest charged by the Green Deal scheme. Why not take our assessment now and see how much you could save?

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