Energy saving grants and funding – what’s available in February

Along with a sea of tacky cards and teddy bears, February brings with it some big changes to funding for energy saving home improvements, including the launch of the much anticipated Green Deal.

So what should you apply for and when? Take a look…

What to apply for NOW: The CERT (still – act fast!)

What is CERT?
The Carbon Emissions Reduction Target is a scheme that energy companies have been legally compelled to fund to reduce their customers’ carbon emissions. This means that many have been providing funding for loft and cavity wall insulation installations for households with ‘normal’ lofts or cavity walls for a while now. Only a couple of companies (British Gas and Scottish Power) are still offering the scheme – you don’t have to be a customer of theirs to apply.

Who can apply for the CERT?
Any homeowner living in the U.K. Tenants can apply with their landlord’s permission.

What other energy saving funding is available now?

OVER – Warm Front and CESP
Both government schemes are being replaced with provision under a new scheme, the ECO.

NEW IN: The Green Deal and ECO

The Green Deal loan scheme for energy efficient home improvements is officially up and running – you can find more information on applying here. The ECO is the complementary grant scheme for the Green Deal, designed to help households in fuel poverty or who need particularly expensive measures. Do our free Green Deal pre-screen here.

Still in: Feed-In Tariff (FITs)
The Feed-In Tariff is a scheme that pays you a tariff for generating your own electricity using technology like solar PV panels. The next review of the rate will take place in May this year. Find out if your home is eligible for FITs.

Still in: Renewable Heat Premium Payments (RHPP)
The RHPP is a government grant scheme that offers householders a one off grant towards the costs of installing a renewable heat generation technology such as a biomass or solar thermal system. See if your home could receive RHPPs.

Not sure which grants you’d qualify for? Fill out our free 2 minute assessment now and find out! 

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