Energy in 2020 – Some Predictions

DECC (the Department of the Environment and Climate Change) have just published their view of what policy will do to our energy bills. So what does the future have in store for us?

  1. Smart Meters – by 2020 we will all have smart meters. These will allow us to see what energy we are using at home, possibly even from the office on our smart phones (if these have not already be replaced by something even smarter). On a serious note, these should allow us to switch much more easily between suppliers – no more estimated readings and all the complications they cause.
  2. We’ll have lots of insulation – or at least ½ of us will according to the government predictions. Be it loft, cavity or solid wall we should have it. This doesn’t sound like a huge stretch as already approximately 56% of homes have at least one of these measures, but this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t insulate as it is really efficient and cost effective.
  3. Boilers – Over 12 million boilers will be replaced between now and 2020. The new ones will be more efficient and DECC thinks that this will save us between £20 and £120 per year.
  4. Fuel Prices – the general consensus is that prices will rise steadily as the cost of fuels (gas in particular) and transporting them around the country rise. Who knows what the actual price will be-it will most likely be more than today, however the government are adamant that it will be cheaper that it would otherwise be without their intervention, by around 11% (or £166 per household).

Here’s a little infographic that they (DECC, that is) produced to show us how:
Policy  impact on Energy Bills

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