5 Brilliant Energy Saving Toys

We’ve pulled together the best toys that teach your kids about the importance of saving energy and generating it renewably – some even harness your little one’s boundless energy! Most of them are still concepts, but we reckon it’s not long before we see more of these brilliant gadgets on the market.


Soccket-Uncharted PlayThis amazing modified football contains a generator and lamp whilst being kickable and waterproof. The idea is that your kids have a good play with it, powering up the generator, and all that energy is then stored and used to power the lamp, which can then light their homework for free. Buy from www.unchartedplay.com.


Another toy that harnesses kinetic energy, this rocking horse uses the energy from all that rocking to power its LED handles, which can be detached and used as a torch or nightlight.


Jumping LightJumping Light

Can you see a theme here? This also harnesses kinetic energy, but in the context of a skipping rope – flipping the rope charges batteries in the handles which are also torches. Handy, huh? We’re wondering if the batteries can be used for other stuff.

Power HogPower Hog

This little piggy…is a toy coin operated electricity meter. The pig’s tail plugs into the mains, and it’s snout is where you plug in your child’s device. Your child has to put coins into the pig to power the device – 1 coin buys half an hour of play. It’s a brilliantly simple way of getting your kids to associate energy use with financial cost.


Solar RoverSolar Rover

This one is also available to buy. It’s a lovely little build your own car set with a twist – it’s powered by a tiny solar panel. We’re imagining this leaping forward as the very British clouds pass overhead. Buy from Eco Ark.



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