Scheme to green the National Trust’s energy to be funded by members

Water source heat pump at Packwood House

The National Trust already has over 150 smaller renewables schemes in place

The National Trust has made an interesting and potentially game-changing deal with green electricity supplier Good Energy. Good Energy has agreed to pay the National Trust £25-£40 per year for each of it’s member households that sign up to one of Good Energy’s plans. This doesn’t sound like much, but if 5% of the Trust’s member households make the switch this will raise a whopping £3.8 million for renewables projects. The Trust is planning to invest £3.5 million in five pilot renewables projects over the next two years, including among them heat pumps, hydroelectricity and biomass. If the scheme is successful, they’re planning to invest ten times that in projects that should ensure that 50% of the Trust’s energy will come from renewable resources by 2020. The Trust is responsible for heating 300 historic buildings, as well as visitor centres, offices and holiday houses, at a cost of more than £6 million now and a projected cost of £7.5 million by 2020 if no action is taken. The planned projects will save the Trust as much as £4.3 million a year by 2019, freeing up much needed funds for conservation work, and the Trust will also be able to receive a 10% return on the investments thanks to Government schemes such as the Renewable Heat Incentive and Feed-In Tariff.

You can visit Good Energy’s website to find out more about the partnership and switch your supplier to help the Trust.

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