Happy St. George’s Day!

As a nation, we can be really great and really lousy energy savers, mostly totally by accident. Here’s why…

The Goodies

1. Back in your day you and all your siblings shared the same bathwater.

Extreme water saving

2. You take extreme pride in bearing the cold, doing things like attempting to swim in a frozen lake and going for ‘a nice walk’ on Christmas Day.

Some very cold British people

3. You’re eternally sceptical, and want proof that solutions do actually save energy, meaning that you only buy what’s going to be really effective. ‘How does loft insulation work?’ is a top UK search on Google.

You really want to know what works

4. You have no respect for authority, and if a government scheme comes out that you don’t like, you damn well let them know about it. If only they asked before they roll them out…

The Baddies

1. You fill a kettle to the top for one cup of tea, and keep forgetting about it, boiling and reboiling it. It’s not good – I have an energy conscious friend who doesn’t visit her grandma anymore for this exact reason.

Stop boiling the kettle, nan

Granny, consider yourself warned.

2. Cynicism can be a bad thing – many Brits still refuse to believe that CFL energy saving bulbs work all that well, and some people are even buying black market bulbs. If you want to be sure that you’re buying a reliable bulb that will last, why not be really efficient and buy LED? We did a helpful cost comparison in an earlier post.

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