8 Free Ways to Save Energy this Summer

1) The Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation Grant

It’s a bit of a mouthful, but this grant is a new scheme brought out by the government to install free cavity wall and loft insulation for anyone receiving certain benefits. You can check if you qualify for the HHCRO scheme and apply here.

A fuller freezer uses less energy

A fuller freezer uses less energy – time to stock up!

2) Buy more icecream

You won’t find us complaining about this one – the more full your freezer is, the less hard it has to work so the less energy it uses. A great excuse to sneak in an extra ice lolly or two!

3) Check your heating controls

Our late summer this year may mean that you’ve left your heating setting switched to ‘Spring’ mode for longer than usual. Have a look at your controls and see if adjusting them down would still leave you comfortable – turning down your thermostat by just a degree can save you up to £60 a year.

4) Air dry your laundry

If you have outside space, now’s a great time to start using it to air dry your clothes rather than using your tumble dryer. You’ll save energy and cut the noise in your house at the same time.

Why not make a cute draught excluder?

Make a cute draught excluder like this guy here and save some money on your heating bills.

5) Make a draught excluder

It may be summertime but we still live in Britain, so chances are you might still have some draughts lurking around. Why not make yourself a cute draught excluder with some scraps of old material? It’s a great project for the kids to get involved with too.

6) Let the sun shine

Whenever you can, try to keep your curtains open – all that sunshine will warm up your house so your heating system doesn’t have to.

7) Grab some Thames Water freebies

If your water is supplied by Thames Water, you can get a whole load of water saving freebies from them, including showerheads, tap inserts and an attachment for your garden hose. You can order your water saving freebies here. 

8) Do our Energy Assessment

Last but certainly not least, our handy online assessment is a great way to find out which energy saving solutions would save you money without spending a penny. Try it now and see how much you could save!


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