Use the Heat Wave to save on heating bills for years to come

You may think we’re mad for even thinking about heating with the weather we’ve been having, but now is absolutely the best time to get your heating properly working and fully up to date before the colder months creep in. And while you’re at it, why not make it more efficient? Here are our top tips to save you as much money on your heating bills as possible:

1)      If you don’t have radiator controls, put them in

If you’re living either by yourself or with one other person, you can save money on your heating bills  by only heating the rooms you are using. To do this, you will need thermostats on your radiators – if you don’t have these, you can buy them from any good DIY store and fit them yourself. You could also get professional help from heating services.

2)      Install a programmeable thermostat

If you haven’t updated your heating controls in the last few years, chances are that there is something higher tech on the market which will make your house more comfortable and reduce your bills. A programmeable thermostat allows you to programme in different temperatures that you would like your thermostat to be set to at different points in the day – you can now even get controls that can be controlled remotely by a smartphone. More information on programmeable thermostats is available on our sister site DIY Doctor.

3)      Get a new A-Rated boiler installed

If your boiler is more than ten years old then you could make a substantial saving (around £225 a year) on your energy bills by installing a more efficient condensing boiler. You can even get a new boiler free under the Government’s HHCRO sch

eme if you are receiving certain benefits – check out our HHCRO page for more information on this.  If you don’t meet the criteria, you can get a substantial discount off the price of your boiler by getting it installed through SSE.

4)      Consider installing a renewable heat technology

There are a number of technologies that allow you to generate your own renewable heat – solar thermal uses the sunlight hitting your house to heat your water, Air Source and Ground Source Heat Pumps use the heat in the air and ground outside your house to heat your water and Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery uses the heat leaving your house to heat incoming air, which is then used to heat your house. You can find out more about these solutions on our Energy Solutions overview. The Renewable Heat Premium Payment scheme gives one off grants for renewable heat technologies of as much as £2,300.

Take our free energy assessment

Our free energy assessment can tell you how much each energy-saving solution could save you.

5)      Take a look at getting a Green Deal to fund your energy saving heating systemIf you want to install an efficient heating system without the upfront cost, the Green Deal scheme can give you a loan to fund all the improvements we’ve mentioned – you can also get cashback of up to £1,000 if you’re quick to apply. Why not check out our Energy Assessment to find out which improvements would save the most money on heating bills in your house?

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