New Grant scheme for Home Improvements: £20 million Green Deal Communities scheme

Solid Wall Insulation Funding

Green Deal Communities Scheme will provide funding for solid wall insulation

Last week the government announce a new scheme designed to target specific streets, selected by Local Authorities as ones that will benefit from Green Deal Improvements. The idea is that is it more effective to deliver energy saving measures, particularly solid wall insulation on a whole street basis.

The department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) have thrown in £20 million for local authorities to bid for projects along side local business and local community organisations, targeting streets that they know will benefit the most from the Green Deal – the idea is that the local authority is best placed to know which streets will benefit most. The funding is available until the end of this year, or until it runs out.

The proposals will be selected on the following criteria:

  • The size of the project, both in terms of the number of houses but also the total value
  • Authorities will have to secure ECO funding and Green Deal financing
  • Specific streets will need to be identified in the application
  • Involvement of the community and creativity of the scheme will be considered
  • They will have to comply with state aid funding rules and also demonstrate that the project will continue to provide benefit beyond the funding has stopped

There is an expectation that projects will include support for solid wall measures, involving a mixture of the ECO and Green Deal and some self funding. They are looking for an innovative and creative approach to engage the community and work with as many homes as possible. This is seen as a kick start, and they are hoping that long term value will be created as a template or blue print will be created for future schemes.

While this is a scheme that needs to be applied for by Local Authorities, it is one that requires community and local business support – how this happens will depend on those involved.

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