About us

Be Energy Smart is the independent solution to finding out the best way to manage your energy.

Our mission is to allow home owners to find out what are the very best energy solutions for their homes.

  • Quick, easy and convenient - we give you accurate results to an “arm chair” assessment of you home energy needs
  • Suggest solutions for your home that will save you money
  • Connect you to only the qualified and registered system installers in your area

Calculate your savings!

You will be able to get an accurate idea of the savings that you will make from a wide variety of solutions for a variety of budgets and pay back periods. You can find the solution that suits you.

You can be connected to the right local tradesmen that will be able to install the solution you choose and ensure that you can start to make saving right away.

How did it all start?

With support from the Energy Saving Trust and Carbon Trust, Be Energy Smart is the independent, free home assessment service for all your energy needs.

It was born out of the frustration!

One day Ian was trying to find out whether it was worth putting solar panels on his roof, having read all about them in the paper and seen the ads on TV. Despite the wealth of information on the internet, there was no one place that he could check what energy solutions were right for his budget and his home. And then there was the raft of legislation and incentives! And how do you get a registered, qualified installer?

Be Energy Smart is the solution. It’s a single place where you can assess your home for all the energy saving solutions available without getting out of your chair and it’s free. Understand the solutions that best suit you and your home, and finally get a quote from the appropriate professional to get the solution fitted.

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