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Renewable Heat Incentive to be delayed until 2014; RHPP to remain

A few days ago Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Ed Davey announced that the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive will be pushed back until Spring 2014, with the details of the scheme to be announced on the original … Continue reading

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2012’s Energy Trends – is our energy use getting better?

Today the government released its latest energy statistics and trends, and we felt that it was a good time to reflect on the past year. What was the good and the bad energy news in 2012? Good Energy Trends: While … Continue reading

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2020 Energy Predictions

Energy in 2020 – Some Predictions

DECC (the Department of the Environment and Climate Change) have just published their view of what policy will do to our energy bills. So what does the future have in store for us? Smart Meters – by 2020 we will … Continue reading

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A Green Deal update: Compare Green Deal Providers and Assessors

As you’ll probably have seen in the news, the Green Deal has now gotten off to a proper start, with 1,803 households having had Green Deal Assessments before the end of February. The number of Green Deal Assessors and Providers … Continue reading

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We have a winner!

Congratulations to Aoife Connaughton, who won our fab Roberts SolarDAB radio in our competition for Climate Week. The idea was for you to pledge to reduce your carbon in return for being entered into the competition, and we had a … Continue reading

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How to save energy in a rented property

If you live in a rented property that’s anything like mine, it’s energy efficiency leaves a lot to be desired. Happily, the Energy Act 2011 means that from 2016 onwards if you ask your landlord for an efficiency improvement and … Continue reading

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How Charlotte’s getting on with our Great Green Climate Challenge

Right, as most of you will know, it’s Climate Week this week, and to celebrate we got together with fellow green companies Green Reviews and DIY Doctor to bring you the Great Green Climate Challenge via The Donation.  The idea … Continue reading

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An update on Solar PV FIT rates

Solar PV Feed-In Tariff rates to remain the same until July 2013

On Friday Ofgem confirmed that domestic FIT rates will stay the same for solar PV installations installed between 1st May to the 1st July. Ofgem confirmed in December that it would review the tariff in April, and the early announcement … Continue reading

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How To Switch Your Energy Supplier the Smarter Way

Here at Be Energy Smart, we love nothing more than helping you save money on your energy bills, which is why we were delighted when last week, Ofgem revealed its plans to shake up the energy industry, backed by David … Continue reading

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