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Are we set for a Community Energy Revolution?

This month sees the start of the UK’s first ever Community Energy Fortnight. Running from the 24th August to the 8th September, the campaign aims to get people inspired about community energy through a programme of talks and tours around … Continue reading

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Visiting the world’s smartest energy users

You may have noticed that we’ve been a bit quiet here on the blog, and that’s because I’ve been away on holiday in Iceland. This in itself isn’t that relevant to Be Energy Smart until you realise that Iceland may … Continue reading

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A look at the future: Cheaper or free electricity if customers avoid the busy ‘One Show’ slot

Energy provider British Gas are conducting a range of smart meter trials in homes across the UK in a bid to save themselves, and us, some dosh. Quite recently, I too changed my energy provider after I visited the Utility Saving … Continue reading

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Solar PV Feed-In Tariff rates frozen until January

Last week Ofgem confirmed that following July’s cuts to the Feed-In Tariff rates for Solar PV, the rates will remain at July-October levels for all installations fitted before the 1st January 2014. The rates are as follows for installations below … Continue reading

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