Energy Assistance Package Scheme

The Energy Assistance Package is the solution to reduce fuel bills and improve the energy efficiency of homes in Scotland. It can help make your home warmer and more energy efficient.

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The package is broken down it two 4 Sections. There are different levels of free advice and support depending on your circumstances.

  • Energy Advice – This is a free home energy check, typically completed over the phone or online. It is available to everyone regardless of circumstances.
  • Benefits and tax credits – There are benefits, tax credits available and access to the lowest-cost energy rates. The amounts available will depend on circumstances.
  • Insulation measures from an energy supplier – There is free insulation from the energy suppliers to make your home more energy efficient. This part of the package aims to make sure lofts and cavity walls are insulated and homes are made toasty warm. If you’re a home-owner or a private-sector tenant you might be eligible although it is weighted towards thoughts on benefits and over 70.
  • Energy efficiency measures – These are Scottish Government funded measures to make your home warmer and cheaper to heat. They include heating systems such as central heating or a new boiler, and loft and cavity wall insulation. You could be eligible if you’re a homeowner or a private-sector tenant, have lived in the home for at least 1 year, and are either pregnant, have a child under 16, are 60 or over, are terminally ill or have a severe disability.

Regional Schemes

While the Energy Assistance Package Scheme is specifically for Scotland to administer the CERT there are other schemes for the other countries in the United Kingdom:

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