Installation of Heating Controls

If your heating controls are old - over 12 years, says the Energy Saving Trust - then you could benefit from replacing them. The older room thermostats are particularly inaccurate.

The energy and cost benefits from improved controls can be achieved straight away with any boiler. In fact, the percentage improvement from controls added to an older, less efficient boiler will result in a greater total energy saving than with a modern boiler.

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You don’t have to wait until you get a new boiler to upgrade or install heating controls. However, there are no minimum standards for existing systems. Adding or improving controls could help you to stop wasting energy and as a result, save money on heating bills.

Competent Person Scheme installers can self-certify their work as compliant with Building Regulations. They can also notify the local authority on your behalf and issue you with a certificate on completion which can be used as proof of compliance. It will also show up on a solicitor’s Local Authority search when you sell your home. (Energy Saving Trust)

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A list of recommended products can be found on the Energy Saving Trust’s Website.

The heating will not work if the room thermostat has switched the heating off. And, if you have a hot-water cylinder, the water heating will not work if the cylinder thermostat detects that the hot water has reached the correct temperature.

The best way to do this is to set the room thermostat to a low temperature – say 18°C – and then turn it up by one degree each day until you are comfortable with the temperature. You won’t have to adjust the thermostat further. Any adjustment above this setting will waste energy and cost you more money.

Costs and maintenance

Costs will vary depending on what type you go for. Ask your installer for a breakdown of the costs of each part if necessary.

If you are over 70 years old, or on certain benefits, you may be entitled to receive discounted or free controls and replacement heating system though Warm Front, Warm Homes or other regional schemes.

Hours to install

The installation time will vary with the products and the complexity of the controls systems but a the time to fit simple heating controls will be hours with a competent installer.

A competent installer will also be able to assist you to choose the most appropriate controls for your home and situation.


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Can I use a wall mount thermostat to control my heater if it has an in-built thermostat?
Yes, to override the in-built thermostat, turn the thermostat on the heater to the highest setting, then use the wall thermostat to regulate the room temperature and control the heater.
Where should I install my wall mounted thermostat?
Thermostats should always be mounted on an inside wall and away from drafts, direct sunlight, or any appliances that could affect the performance (temperature reading) of the thermostat. Be sure the area around the thermostat is clear of shelves, pictures or other wall decor that may impede the airflow around the thermostat.
What should I do if my wall thermostat feels hot to the touch?
You should replace the thermostat. A 'hot' thermostat may indicate that it is not working efficiently; decreasing its accuracy. It may also indicate an overloaded capacity. NOTE: A normal operating thermostat will be slightly warmer than the room temperature by about 3 to 5 degrees.
Why is a programmable thermostat useful?
A programmable thermostat is useful to have because it gives you the ability to pre-program in the different temperatures you want your house to be heated to at different times of the day. The thermostat then adjusts your system to meet the desired temperature at different points in the day. This allows you to do away with the old heating timer and thermostat combination.
What other features do programmable thermostats have?
Another function available in some programmable thermostats is optimum start, a function designed to adjust the start up time automatically depending on the ambient temperature in the building. As a example, the heating can be turned on later in mild weather, which saves energy.
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