Get competitive wind turbine quotes

A wind turbine in the right location can make thousands of pounds in Feed-In Tariff payments, but this all depends on how much electricity your turbine generates.

Our highly experienced installers will be able to maximise the capacity of your domestic wind turbine, ensuring you enjoy fantastic returns for years to come.


  • Save Money
  • FIT payments
  • 50% returns
  • Reduce CO2
  • Works all year round
  • 20+ year lifespan

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We only work with accredited installers:

Accredited installers

Be Energy Smart is an independent advice company specialising in helping you find the right energy saving solution for your home and connecting you to accredited installers in your area.

How it works:

  1. We get in touch to find out what you need
  2. We give you quotes from three installers in your area
  3. You choose your installer and get your work done
  4. Sit back and save money on your bills as well as making money from your technology


Be Energy Smart were a great help in finding a good installer to carry out the work. It was reassuring to know that we were being put in touch with accredited fitters.

Tania from Norwood

Be Energy Smart saved me hours of fruitless phoning around, and I’m confident that I have been introduced to some really professional engineers.

Miles from Andover

Whether you’re looking for a mast mounted freestanding wind turbine or a roof mounted system we have advisers on hand ready to make sure you get a domestic wind turbine system that works for you. Our website is packed with information on which locations are suitable for wind turbines, what domestic wind turbines are as well as the returns that wind turbines can give with the Feed-In Tariff scheme. When you get a quote from us you can be confident that your wind turbine installation will be carried out to the highest of standards.