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Do you own your own home or rent from a private landlord? You could get FREE insulation through the ECO HHCRO scheme.

Fill out the form and find out if you qualify! To qualify you must:

A) Be receiving Child Tax Credit (relevant income below £15,860)

OR, B) Be receiving State Pension Credit

OR, C) Be receiving Income-related employment and support allowance, Income-based job seeker’s allowance or Income support

OR, D) Be receiving Working Tax Credit (relevant income below £15,860)

Free insulation means:

  • Lower heating bills
  • A warmer home in winter
  • And cooler in summer
  • Lower Carbon emissions
  • Improved sound proofing
  • A more comfortable home

Find out if you qualify – Apply now!

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Looking for other energy saving projects? If you want to get other energy saving ideas tailored to you home, try our online assessment now!

We only work with accredited installers:

Accredited installers

Be Energy Smart is an independent advice company specialising in helping you find the right energy saving solution for your home and connecting you to accredited installers in your area.

How it works:

  1. We get in touch to find out what insulation you need and confirm that you meet our criteria
  2. We arrange for you to get your FREE insulation fitted by accredited installers
  3. You benefit from having a warmer home in winter, a cooler one in summer and maybe even savings on your energy bills!


Be Energy Smart saved me hours of fruitless phoning around, and I’m confident that I have been introduced to some really professional engineers.

Miles from Andover

Be Energy Smart were very helpful and linked me up with reputable installers to carry out the work. I couldn’t be happier with the installation.

Roy from Bristol

The ECO HHCRO is a new government scheme that can give you FREE loft and cavity wall insulation if you meet certain criteria – fill out our form above to see if you qualify. The scheme is part of the new ECO grant scheme, which is funded by UK energy companies.
Be Energy Smart has years of experience in connecting customers with the right energy saving solutions for their home using installers you can trust. Why not get in touch today and see if we can fit you with brand new insulation absolutely free of charge?