The Green Deal Customer Journey

The Green Deal is designed to overcome inherent barriers to implementing energy saving measures and therefore take the customer on a Green Deal Journey.

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The key stages

They are are as follows:

  1. The first step in your Green Deal journey is to get a Green Deal Assessment done. This can be done by a qualified Green Deal Adviser for between £100 and £150. Green Deal Assessors can be independent, an installer themselves or associated with a Green Deal Provider or local authority. Your Green Deal assessment lets you know whether the Green Deal is good value for you, and is a useful resource for you throughout the Green Deal process.
  2. You then need to find a Green Deal Provider. Providers can be well known companies such as B&Q, or can be installer firms. Your Provider acts as your point of contact throughout the Green Deal process, and has financial backers providing money for your loan. The provider will offer you quotes for different improvements from their list of accredited installers, and you can shop around the Providers for the best quote. When you have chosen your Provider and your improvements the Provider will create a Green Deal Plan for you, which is an agreement detailing which improvements will be carried out, how much the work will cost and how much your monthly payments on your energy bill will be including around 7% interest.
  3. If you are happy with your plan, your Provider will get your agreed Green Deal installer to carry out the work.
  4. Your loan repayments will then appear on your monthly energy bill. When you pay the bill, your energy supplier passes this money to your Green Deal Provider to pay back the loan.                                      Green Deal Customer Journey

Source: DECC, “The Green Deal; A summary of the Government’s proposals” 2010



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What is the Green Deal?
The Energy Bill introduced to Parliament on 8 December 2010 includes provision for the new 'Green Deal', which is intended to revolutionise the energy efficiency of British properties. The Government is establishing a framework to enable private firms to offer consumers energy efficiency improvements to their homes, community spaces and businesses at no upfront cost, and to recoup payments through a charge in instalments on the energy bill.
Who is entitled to Green Deal Finance & Green Deal Grants?
It is understood that the Government will place no restrictions on who can apply for Green Deal Finance. Applicants current or past credit history will not be taken into account and applicants do not need to own their own home to benefit from Green Deal Finance as private tenants will be able to apply. More specific information is expected to be released soon.
How much will be made available via Green Deal Finance & Green Deal Grants?
Originally, the government suggested that around £6,500 will be available per home. However, the coalition government have hinted at that figure rising to around £10,000. Nothing is confirmed however, a home will only receive what is needed to sufficiently improve the energy efficiency.
Will Green Deal Finance & Green Deal Grants cover renewable energy?
Currently the green deal finance is focused on insulation, draught proofing and double glazing, but it is understood that the green deal finance and green deal grants will stretch to include some renewable energy sources also.
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