Other Grants & Offers

There are a number of initiatives that are designed to reduce CO2 or fuel bills, which don’t get quite as much publicity as the Feed-In Tariff or the Renewable Heat Incentive and RHPP. Whilst these are not so well discussed, or possibly known, they are very useful if you are planning a project to reduce your energy consumption.

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Some Other Grants & Subsidies

There are quite a number of initiatives that are available and many vary regionally, as you can see with the Warm Front, Nest and other schemes. Here is a selection of others that we think that you might find useful:

  • Renewables Obligation – (RO) The RO is the main support scheme for renewable electricity projects in the UK. It places an obligation on UK suppliers of electricity to source an increasing proportion of their electricity from renewable sources.
  • LESA (Landlord’s Energy Saving Allowance) – This is a tax allowance of up to £1,500 per property that private landlords can claim when they install energy efficiency measures in their rented properties.
  • Community Energy Saving Programme – CESP targets households in areas of low income across Great Britain, to improve energy efficiency standards and reduce fuel bills. There are 4,500 areas eligible and it is funded by an obligation on energy suppliers and electricity generators, in a similar way to the CERT. This scheme will close in December 2012 and will be replaced by the ECO (Energy Company Obligation)

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Once you have an idea what sort of project you are going to undertake you can then understand which government initiative might apply to you and how much you are going to save.

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Who can claim LESA?
You can claim LESA if you are a landlord renting out residential property and are either:
  • an individual landlord – someone who pays income tax on profits from letting
  • a corporate landlord – someone whose rental business is registered as a company and you pay corporation tax on profits from letting
However, you can't claim if you are a landlord:
How much is LESA?
LESA is a tax allowance (not a cash payment) that allows you to claim up to £1,500 against tax every year.
What does LESA cover?
This allowance can be claimed for properties you rent out in the UK and abroad. You can claim LESA for the costs of buying and installing certain energy saving products for properties you rent out, but only for what you actually spend. You can claim LESA for what you have spent on:
  • cavity wall and loft insulation, after 6 April 2004
  • solid wall insulation, after 7 April 2005
  • draught proofing and hot water system insulation, after 6 April 2006
  • floor insulation, after 6 April 2007
How do you to apply for LESA?
You claim the allowance when filling in your tax return.
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