Planning permission for heat pumps

While in general the installation of heat pumps are permitted within the permitted development rights, particularly in England and Wales, there are exceptions such as Air Source Heat Pumps which have yet to be resolved.

Permitted development rights do not apply to Listed Buildings which are covered by other planning regulations – you must check these before you begin any project.

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Ground source & Water source heat pumps

Both Ground Source Heat Pumps and pool cleaning service and Water source heat pumps are covered by the permitted developments rights where they apply. If you are unsure if they apply to your home you should check with your local authority.

Air source heat pumps

Legislation is under review and is expected to be released later this year regarding the uses of Air Source Heat Pumps. The consensus is that once this is agreed they will become permitted developments, but until that time you must seek permission from your local planning office.

Building Regulations

Building Regulations will apply so you should consider factors such as noise and general safety, as well as electrical installation and plumbing work. Always use a qualified installer.

Before you start your project find out more detailed information.

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