Planning Permission for insulation

Normally you do not need planning permission in order to fit insulation, particularly where there is no change in external appearance to your home. If your home is listed or is in a conservation area you should consult your local planning office.

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Exterior Wall Insulation

If you have solid walls and are planning to have them insulated you can opt for exterior wall insulation which is fitted to the outside of your home and therefore is likely to change the appearance of it.

As they will cover the whole of the outside of your property, and change its appearance by covering existing brickwork, you must ask your local council whether you need planning permission. For further information visits the relevant website:

Building Regulations

When fitting insulation you have to comply with the relevant building regulations

General Principles

The insulation in your loft, walls and floors should meet the minimum energy efficiency, however, if this is not possible for some reason the best standard which can be achieved should be used.
When more than 25 per cent of the section that you are renovating, be it roof, wall or floor, is being renewed then the level of insulation should meet the standards required by building regulations.

Cavity Wall

Cavity wall insulation is specifically defined as “notifiable building work” in the Building Regulations which means that it is necessary to inform the local authority that the work will be carried out. A certified installer (typically with the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency) will do this on your behalf although it is always worth checking.

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