Planning permission for small wind

Currently the statutory instrument (SI) does not cover small wind, and therefore there are no permitted development rights. It is expected that these will be resolved later this year which means that it should be possible to install roof mounted and free standing turbines at detached properties. This will not extend to conservation areas.

At the moment, however, you should always check with you local planning department before you begin any wind project.

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General Guidelines

The most contentious issues affecting the installation of Wind Power turbines and Air Source Heat Pumps is the levels of noise that they produce but there are other factors that need to be considered in any planning application:

  • Visual impact
  • Noise
  • Vibration
  • Electrical interference (with TV aerials)
  • Safety

Building Regulations

Building regulations will apply as normal if you wish to install a wind turbine which will be attached to your house, but if the wind turbine is not attached to your house, then only the electrical installation and connection will be subject to building regulations.

Some considerations are the size, weight and force exerted on fixed points that can be significant.

Before you start your project find out more detailed information.

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