Nest Programme

Nest programme is the Welsh Government’s solution for fuel poverty. It provides advice through expert partners, a full home energy assessment and home improvements for the most energy inefficient homes – at no cost to the householder.

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Poverty Strategy

Nest is a key instrument in delivering the Welsh Government’s Fuel Poverty Strategy which was published in July 2010.

How it works

When you contact Nest they ask a number of questions to determine your eligibility and then they will advise you on what energy saving measure you can take, regardless of whether you qualify for a funding or not.
If you do qualify then a Nest home energy assessment will recommend what is needed to improve energy efficiency of your home and cut your fuel bills and if you’re happy with the recommendations, they will arrange a convenient time for a Nest contractor to install the home improvements.

A Nest whole house assessment is available to people in Wales who are in receipt of a means tested benefit and living in the hardest-to-heat homes.

For more information on the Nest Programme see their website.

Nest Partners

British Gas is the managing agent to carry out home energy assessments and install energy improvements in the hardest-to-heat homes.

Regional Schemes

While the Nest programme is specifically for Wales to administer the CERT there are other schemes for the other countries in the United Kingdom:

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