An update on Solar PV FIT rates

Solar PV Feed-In Tariff rates to remain the same until July 2013

On Friday Ofgem confirmed that domestic FIT rates will stay the same for solar PV installations installed between 1st May to the 1st July. Ofgem confirmed in December that it would review the tariff in April, and the early announcement … Continue reading

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How To Switch Your Energy Supplier the Smarter Way

Here at Be Energy Smart, we love nothing more than helping you save money on your energy bills, which is why we were delighted when last week, Ofgem revealed its plans to shake up the energy industry, backed by David … Continue reading

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Enter our Climate Week giveaway to win a Roberts SolarDAB radio!

Climate Week is happening from the 4th -10th March this year, and is set to be the UK’s biggest ever climate awareness campaign, with fun events happening around the country to help you save energy and money. In honour of the … Continue reading

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Is biomass really a renewable fuel?

In simple terms, biomass is defined as a renewable fuel source because the term ‘renewable’ means that it can be relatively easily replaced, and biomass fuel can. The biomass burnt as a heating fuel is usually a wood product of … Continue reading

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Loft Insulation

How to get your loft insulated

Hot air rises, and if you don’t insulate your loft, all this heat will escape out into the night sky! Loft insulation is one of the best ways to ensure that your home stays warm and your heating bills stay … Continue reading

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Using the Green Deal with the Feed-In Tariff

After consultation with the European Commission, DECC yesterday confirmed exactly how the Green Deal works in conjunction with the Feed-In Tariff and Renewable Heat Incentive, the two schemes that pay homeowners to generate their own electricity and heat respectively using … Continue reading

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MCS Logo

New MCS Solar PV Installer Guide and standards announced

Last week the Microgeneration Certification Scheme launched its long waited third edition of the Guide to the Installation of Photovoltaic Systems and an important update to the MIS 3002 standards for solar PV installers. Installers will need to follow the … Continue reading

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Comparing Green Deal Financing – Not “apples with apples”

The Green Deal All Party Parliamentary Group was in quite a congratulatory mood when they met yesterday. The relief was near tangible in the Minister for Climate Change Greg Barker’s face when he joined the meeting partway through, and rightly … Continue reading

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The 5 best energy saving home improvements

There are many improvements you can make to your home to save energy, but they do tend to vary in exactly how much energy and money they save you. Here’s our selection of the best home improvements on the market … Continue reading

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Energy saving grants and funding – what’s available in February

Along with a sea of tacky cards and teddy bears, February brings with it some big changes to funding for energy saving home improvements, including the launch of the much anticipated Green Deal. So what should you apply for and … Continue reading

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