East Anglia

In East Anglia there is a high level of sunshine, averaging well over 4 hours per day in most places, and this is fairly evenly spread across the seasons. This makes the region an excellent fit for solar energy solutions like Solar thermal and Solar Electricity (PV) electricity generation.

Winds speeds are typically low except in coastal regions which will means that you will have to conduct local wind speed research prior to considering investing in a wind turbine.

East Anglia is a warm part of the country with reasonably high temperatures throughout the year which is excellent for heat pumps, both Air Source Heat Pumps and Ground Source Heat Pumps and pool cleaning service, which should work well if fitted correctly.

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Met Office Mean Temp Average 1971-2000 Met Office Sunshine Average 1971-2000 Met Office Mean Wind Speed Average 1971-2000 Met Office Soil Temp Average 1971-2000

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You should use an MSC accredited installer in order to qualify for the Feed-In Tariff or the Renewable Heat Incentive and RHPP.

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Grant and subsidies in the East Anglia

The grants and subsidies that are available for home renewable technology projects are available to everyone. Anyone can apply for the Feed-In Tariff or the Renewable Heat Incentive and RHPP once they have had the relevant technology installed by a qualified installer.