East Pennines

There is plenty of sunlight for solar energy systems to be effective in this region, particularly the closer you live to the coast. Both Solar thermal and particularly solar PV cells will operate effectively here.

Wind speeds are typically low but will depend on local geography and situation, so it is recommended to check the wind speed (for at least a year, ideally) before installing a wind turbine.

The East Pennines region is warm and both Ground Source Heat Pumps and pool cleaning service and Air Source Heat Pumps will operate effectively if well positioned and installed.

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Met Office Mean Temp Average 1971-2000 Met Office Sunshine Average 1971-2000 Met Office Mean Wind Speed Average 1971-2000 Met Office Soil Temp Average 1971-2000

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You should always use a qualified installer for peace of mind but also to ensure that you qualify for the Feed-In Tariff or the Renewable Heat Incentive and RHPP.

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Grant and subsidies in the Pennines

Renewable energy-saving solutions have attracted grants and subsidies for a long time now and the latest, such as the Feed-In Tariff or the Renewable Heat Incentive and RHPP, are available to anyone who has installed the relevant technology. There are other less well known for other energy saving measures such as insulating your home, like the ECO (Energy Company Obligation) and C.