English Borders

There is more than sufficient sunlight to make solar systems effective in the borders. Solar PV will be work in particular, and solar thermal will be much more effective during the summer when there in more sunlight.

Wind speeds vary considerably over the region but in certain areas there will be sufficient wind for efficient wind turbines to generate electricity.

While not as warm as some regions further south, in the Borders it is still warm enough for modern heat pumps, both ground and air source, to be highly effective if installed correctly.

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Met Office Mean Temp Average 1971-2000 Met Office Sunshine Average 1971-2000 Met Office Mean Wind Speed Average 1971-2000 Met Office Soil Temp Average 1971-2000

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To qualify for the Feed-In Tariff or the Renewable Heat Incentive and RHPP you will need to have an MCS accredited installer fit your system.

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Grant and subsidies in the Borders

Most grants and subsidies for renewable systems are available to all home owners although the amounts might vary according to circumstances in the case of the ECO (Energy Company Obligation) and .