Southern England

On average Southern England receives has highest amount of sunshine in the country and therefore is ideally suited to solar energy solutions. Both PV Cells and Solar Thermal panels will be effective if installed well.

The average wind speeds tend to be fairly low and as the region is highly populated it can be difficult to get consent for wind turbines.

Air and soil temperatures are higher than most other parts of the Britain, being over 10°C on average. This makes these areas typically an excellent place to use heat pumps.

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Met Office Mean Temp Average 1971-2000 Met Office Sunshine Average 1971-2000 Met Office Mean Wind Speed Average 1971-2000 Met Office Soil Temp Average 1971-2000

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You must ensure that you use an MCS qualified and accredited installer to qualify for the Feed-In Tariff or the Renewable Heat Incentive and RHPP.

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Grant and subsidies in the Southern England

Grants vary from region to region, depending on your local government and council. There are some nationwide grants and subsidies that are available to everyone, such as the Feed-In Tariff, Renewable Heat Incentive and RHPP and support made available by electricity and gas suppliers under the ECO (Energy Company Obligation) and