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The link between energy efficiency and higher property values

Much has been made by supporters of the Green Deal and the EPC (Energy Performance certificates) about the new study sponsored by the government into the effect of installing energy efficiency measures that increase a home’s EPC on the value … Continue reading

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Renewable Heat Premium Payments Vouchers Increased

Increases to the Renewable Heat Premium Payments

The government has announced that they are going to increase the amount of money that can be claimed with the Renewable Heat Premium Payment vouchers. These are the vouchers that are given to domestic home-owners who fit the qualifying, heat … Continue reading

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Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

The 10 most common Green Deal FAQs

In basic terms, the Green Deal is a loan that you can take out for fitting energy saving measures to your home, but the key thing is that the repayments are made through the savings on your energy bill. The … Continue reading

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People get Energy Smart

People get Energy Smart

You know that winter is here when the big energy companies announce price rises, and this year is no different. Except that people are now getting Energy Smart! Despite our old and heat leaking houses, we are beginning to do … Continue reading

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