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Free Insulation

No more Warm Front scheme, Hello HHCRO scheme

The Warm Front scheme offered insulation and new boilers to households that find it difficult to heat their homes. It ended in March this year, but a new scheme has replaced it – the HHCRO Scheme. The HHCRO (or Home … Continue reading

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Insulation Roll?

Loft insulation is still on a roll

The frosty spring we’ve had has helped to hold peoples’ interest in insulation – or has it been the Green Deal that is getting people interested instead? In general, searches for insulation on the web (namely Google) tend to spike … Continue reading

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Thermodynamic Systems

Solar thermodynamic heating explained

Solar thermodynamic heating is a form of renewable heating that is supposed to produce heat come rain or shine – even in the snow, apparently! Solar thermodynamic heating is not currently accredited under the MCS scheme, but we understand that … Continue reading

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Questions for Solar Installers

Questions to ask your Solar PV supplier

Here are a few things you should think about asking when you’re talking to a solar PV company about getting a system fitted: What type of panels they are going to install? Crystalline silicon is the most commonly used Solar … Continue reading

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Loft Insulation

How to get your loft insulated

Hot air rises, and if you don’t insulate your loft, all this heat will escape out into the night sky! Loft insulation is one of the best ways to ensure that your home stays warm and your heating bills stay … Continue reading

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Funding schemes made simple

A simple guide to energy saving funding

The government is planning to phase out and in several different schemes to help householders pay for energy saving home improvements. This is great, but can be confusing, which is why we’ve put them all together in this handy overview … Continue reading

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