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The link between energy efficiency and higher property values

Much has been made by supporters of the Green Deal and the EPC (Energy Performance certificates) about the new study sponsored by the government into the effect of installing energy efficiency measures that increase a home’s EPC on the value … Continue reading

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Energy saving home improvements could increase your home’s value by as much as 14%

A new study has found that improving your home’s energy efficiency rating can add as much as 14% to its selling price later down the line, with some homes increasing in value by as much as £40,000. If your house’s … Continue reading

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Will a renewable technology increase the value of your home?

Despite recent technological advances, many micro generation systems do still represent a significant investment for households. Schemes such as the Feed-In Tariff, Renewable Heat Premium Payments and Renewable Heat Incentive have succeeded in making these technologies more attractive by providing … Continue reading

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