Warm Homes Scheme

The Warm Homes Scheme is a scheme run in Northern Ireland and it is funded by the Department for Social Development to make homes warmer, healthier and more energy efficient. It is for people who receive certain qualifying benefits and own or rent their home from a private landlord in Northern Ireland.

The Warm Homes Scheme is delivered on behalf of the Department for Social Development by Bryson Charitable Group and H & A Mechanical Services.

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3 step Scheme

  1. Qualification – those receiving certain benefits may be eligible for insulation and heating through the Warm Homes Scheme.
  2. Assessment – surveyors / assessors will visit your home to verify your eligibility, identify the measures that are required for your home and provide tailored energy advice.
  3. Installation – installers will carry out the recommended works.

Regional Schemes

While the Warm Homes Scheme is specifically for Northern Ireland to administer the CERT there are other schemes for the other countries in the United Kingdom:

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